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Hey, I’m Bryan!

image of bryan hainesMy name is Bryan Haines and I'm a content marketer and SEO.

Along with Dena (my wife and business partner), we run a content network that includes travel, food, and photography. Every year, we reach an audience of more than 4 million readers.

Here's what I've been up to:

I'm pretty busy on a number of projects. You can catch up with me in a few places.

  • Storyteller.Travel: Our travel blog – coving the best attractions, animals, and foods from around the world. We also share travel tips, packing lists, and gear reviews. Check out my recent posts. Also the new home of GringosAbroad (Ecuador life and travel).
  • ClickLikeThis: Our action photography site, with a focus on GoPro and action cameras.

We also run a small outdoor site (GudGear) and coffee blog.

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Where Bryan's Been Featured / Published

  • National Geographic: Published detailed profile of Cuenca, Ecuador.
  • Reuters: Interviewed for piece about moving abroad, by Quito-based journalist.
  • HGTV / House Hunters International: Our family was part of an episode based in Cuenca, Ecuador.
  • Acadia University: Entrepreneurship Speaker
  • Online Business Journalist for 4 years. Covered content marketing, ecommerce, hosting.

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All our properties are produced by Storyteller Media, a Nova Scotia company. Bryan and Dena are partners in Storyteller Media.