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In this post, you’ll learn how to enable rich pins on your WordPress site in just 4 minutes – and triple your Pinterest traffic automatically. You’ve probably heard that Pinterest generates a lot of traffic. It has become a top social media traffic source – second only to Facebook. Some bloggers are reporting that (after Google) Pinterest is now their [...]

How to Embed a Google Maps Map on Your Blog

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Embedding a location map allows customers to find you and get directions. It’s also a great addition to travel blog posts. If you have multiple locations or destinations, embedding a dynamic map is super helpful for customers and guests to find you and learn about the area. 2 Ways to Embed a Google Maps Map Manually: You’ll [...]

There are a ridiculous number of blogging platforms. Which one should you use?  In this post, I’ll break down: What is a blogging platform? The top 11 blogging platforms 5 reasons you must choose WordPress What is a Blogging Platform? A blogging platform is a CMS (content management system). It takes much of the manual work [...]

Data Backup (& Sharing) For Bloggers

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Data backup (and sharing) can be tough. As bloggers, it can get complicated. In this post, I’ll cover: Why data backup is critical (and complicated) How we manage our data Specific tools and services we use and recommend Why Do Data Backups Matter? It is easy to rely on your computer and maybe a couple [...]

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