How to Save on Your GoDaddy Domain Name

Online Business, Start Your Blog your domain name can be a complicated process.

The next step of buying your domain is much easier.

And while it isn't that difficult, it can be confusing if you've never done it before. As you go through the process there are a number of fine details/options. Which ones do you need? Which ones should you skip?

Today we are going to go through the specifics on the things you need (which are just a few) and all of the (unnecessary) extras that are offered in the buying process.

While most of the points apply to all of the domain registrars, this post covers buying a domain from GoDaddy. I've found GoDaddy to be a great (low price) provider and have all my domains with them.

Below the video, you'll read about the following points:

  1. Recommended Domain Registration Length?
  2. Privacy and Domain Protection
  3. Activate Your Domain
  4. Shopping Cart Page
  5. 6 Things to Check Before Buying Your Domain

How To Save on Your GoDaddy Domain

Watch this video on YouTube:

Video Transcript

Note: It turns out I don't speak in a very writable way. Because of this the transcript is not word-for-word, but it does cover the general points of the video.

So here we are at and we'll walk through the steps to buy a domain name.

Because I already have an account at GoDaddy I'm going to log in. If you don't have an account you can go ahead and create one. It is really straight forward – it is just your name, address, email address – basic stuff.

Okay, so once we log in we can search for our domain on the home page.

If you haven't done this before – be prepared. It can take a while. The domain that you were imagining probably isn't available – at least not as a dot-com.

Once you find your available domain you can add it to cart. Cost ranges from $7.99 to $12.99 per name per year. There are so many other domain options that you can buy. In this video, I am buying a dot-com domain. GoDaddy offers me a full set of cheap variants on my name – but I don't want them, it is more expense and takes time to manage them all. I haven't seen the benefit of owning ten variations of my principal domain name. And based on the prices of some of these, it looks like no one else wants them either. Here are some of the variations available:

  • .co
  • .net
  • .info
  • .net
  • .org
  • .ca
  • .ws
  • .us
  • .biz
  • .me

I recommend using the dot-com domain. It is the standard – go with that. Some of the .net and .biz domains look very spammy. A good site and business can be built on any domain but I think it will be easier with a dot-com.

Recommended Domain Registration Length? 

I recommend five years. And this is what GoDaddy usually defaults to in the cart.

For search engine optimization – and even just for convenience it is the best. If you can afford it, just choose the five years. There is definite search engine benefit to do that.

Privacy and Domain Protection

Under privacy and domain protection I always choose the second option: Privacy with Business Registration. And then you can actually opt out of the business one – there is no need to have the business registration. It is a dual option so you can opt out of that. So choose that and in the shopping cart we are going to opt out of it.

Privacy is important because it will prevent your email address (and other contact information) from being published online. Unless you like getting multiple spam offers per day for r and prescription drugs I recommend you buy this add-on.

Activate Your Domain

Skip past all of this section, including add email and add hosting. We don't need any of that because we are going to use a different host.

Shopping Cart Page

It is important to always double check your domain. Once you pay, the domain is yours.

6 Things to Check Before Buying Your Domain

  1. Check for spelling, inverted or extra letters, and hidden meanings
  2. Make sure that you have the right domain: dot-com instead of dot-co, for example.
  3. Confirm the registration length (five years or more)
  4. Confirm Private Domain Registration (usually $3.99-$7.99/year). This is really important to avoid spam.
  5. Remove Business Registration ($4.99-9.99/year). This is not necessary.
  6. Check your order total to make sure that nothing was accidentally added to the order.


You can pay by either by credit card or Paypal. Once the transaction is approved, the domain will be added to your account.

From here, you can now set the name-servers (to direct it to your host) and begin building your new site.

So that's it. It really is that simple.

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Note: the links to GoDaddy in this post are affiliate links. I will earn a small commission if you click and buy your domains with them. I exclusively use GoDaddy and would recommend them regardless of a commission – and with my link, you actually pay a lower-than-standard rate. Win-Win 🙂

What tips do you have for saving money on your domain names?


Hi, I'm the Author!

Bryan Haines is a travel blogger, photographer and content marketer. He is co-founder of Storyteller Media (content marketing for travel brands). Bryan also runs two authority blogs with his wife, Dena: ClickLikeThis (GoPro tutorials) and GringosAbroad (Ecuador travel).

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  • Robert Jan 25, 2014, 12:52 pm

    If you really want to do a blog on the cheap (contrary to Bryan’s advice), and you are using a free blog host, you can configure your domain server to redirect visitors to your blog without having to use the long and complicated URL given by the blog host.
    The visitor types in and arrives at, which looks much better to your visitor and he won’t think you’re cheap. You’ll know, but you’re okay with the savings, right?

    • Dena Haines Jan 29, 2014, 11:55 am

      It’s true that a simple domain redirect is a way to give the appearance of an authority site. But once your visitor is actually on your site, they will know. And any link building / SEO efforts will benefit the free hosts domain, not yours. Hosting is so inexpensive (and the benefits so obvious) I don’t know why anyone with big plans would use a free service.

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