How to Enable Rich Pins: 3X Your Pinterest Traffic in 4 Minutes

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In this post, you'll learn how to enable rich pins on your WordPress site in just 4 minutes – and triple your Pinterest traffic automatically.

how to enable rich pins

You've probably heard that Pinterest generates a lot of traffic.

It has become a top social media traffic source – second only to Facebook. Some bloggers are reporting that (after Google) Pinterest is now their largest traffic source.

Following the tutorial to enable rich pins, we'll talk about this:

  1. How our traffic grew after enabling rich pins
  2. What rich pins do
  3. Why you should enable rich pins on your blog

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How to Enable Rich Pins on a WordPress Blog

This process is surprisingly simple on WordPress – thanks to a great plugin by Yoast. This should only take a few minutes.

Step 1. Install Yoast SEO

yoast seo plugin for open graphThis is a very common plugin – there's a pretty good chance that you already have it. It's one of the best tools to optimize your blog for search.

In order to display rich pins, Pinterest needs to access some specific metadata on your site. Yoast's plugin has a feature that automatically generates all the rich metadata that Pinterest is looking for. Step two explains the setting you need.

Yoast SEO is one of my recommended plugins. Here are all my favorites.

Step 2. Enable OpenGraph Meta Data

add open graph meta data wordpressInside of the Yoast SEO plugin, you'll want to go to Social > Facebook.

On the Facebook tab, you'll see the Enabled / Disabled switch. Click “Enabled” and then “Save Changes”.

This setting will automatically create the rich data that Pinterest needs to setup rich pins for your domain.

Step 3. Visit Rich Pins Validator

Now it's time to validate your metadata. It is done by HTML tags, via Open Graph.

The box will ask you to: Enter a valid URL. Be sure to enter a post url – not your homepage.

pinterest enable rich pins

For example, when I was enabling rich pins for a client's site, I used this post about snuggling sea lions at their Galapagos lodge. What post URL you choose doesn't matter. Any post URL will do.

Click: Validate.

rich pins validator

If you have followed the instructions, you should now see a success message: Your Pin's have been validated! Apply to enable your Rich Pins.

Make sure that the HTML Tags button is selected and then click Apply now.

validated rich pins wordpress

After applying, you'll get the following Thank you! message.

wordpress enable rich pins

You can expect a pretty fast response. I've verified about six domains so far and they have all been approved the same day – most within a few hours.

Why Your Blog Needs Pinterest's Rich Pins 

Now that you know how to enable rich pins, lets consider some extra stuff:

  1. How our traffic grew after enabling rich pins
  2. What rich pins do
  3. Why you should enable rich pins

How our traffic grew after enabling rich pins

For this section, I was considering a heading like: How We Grew Our Pinterest Traffic 1901% (and while it's true) it seemed a little too spammy.

Here's the facts: After enabling rich pins on Click Like This (our GoPro blog), we saw some significant increases in traffic from Pinterest. In the following chart, you'll see how how it increased.

The “Before” time frame (December 2015) shows referral traffic of just 1.87%. We had a brand Pinterest account, but almost no activity.

After enabling rich pins in April, our second time frame (April 21 – May 20, 2016) shows a huge jump in referral traffic, although we still had almost no activity on our account. The difference was rich pins.

enable rich pins traffic

Another example: In March 2016, Pinch of Yum (a great food blog I follow) reported 16X more traffic from Pinterest than Facebook (677,815 via Pinterest vs 41,525 via Facebook).

What do rich pins do?

Rich pins pull extra information from your blog – and make the pin more attractive, helpful, and clickable. While there are 6 types of Rich Pins (app, movie, recipe, article, product and place) we are focusing on articles in this post.

Why you should enable rich pins on your blog

That's a good question. You should enable rich pins – even if you never plan on using Pinterest for your business. Why?

Because even if you aren't using Pinterest – your readers and customers are. There are more than 100 million Pinterest users. And the majority of them are very active on the platform.

Before I enabled Rich Pins for our client, their guests and customers had pinned hundreds of photos from their site.

Here's how pins from your site will change by enabling Rich Pins.

enable rich pins blog

Curious how your content on Pinterest looks right now? 

Just enter (of course, you'll want to replace with your actual url).

For example, check out the pins from ClickLikeThis This includes both pins from us and our audience.

In the above image for Red Mangrove Lodges, the top half was without Rich Pins enabled. The bottom half was just minutes later – after the Rich Pins were approved and enabled.

When Rich Pins are enabled, it upgrades not only future pins – but all that have every been pinned from that domain. That means that you could improve hundreds (or thousands) of pieces of content – and send much more traffic to your blog.

While I can't give specific numbers from my clients site, I can say that they saw more traffic from Pinterest in two weeks with enabled Rich Pins – than in the previous twelve months.

Why you'll get more traffic: Rich Pins have a higher share and click rate because they give the reader more information. Rich Pins add a bolded title and post excerpt (from your corresponding post). They even include a call to action button (Read it) to encourage visitors to your blog.

Thanks to Brandon Gaille for tip about rich pins and Melyssa Griffin for the help enabling rich pins.

Your Turn

By enabling Rich Pins, we've more than tripled our Pinterest traffic on all our sites. What traffic increase have you seen?

Have you enabled Rich Pins on your blog? Did you have trouble enabling Rich Pins? Please share it here and I'll do my best to help!

You can follow us on Pinterest: bryanmhaines and denahaines Leave a comment and let us know what you think.


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