How to Embed a Google Maps Map on Your Blog

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Embed a Google Maps MapEmbedding a location map allows customers to find you and get directions. It's also a great addition to travel blog posts.

If you have multiple locations or destinations, embedding a dynamic map is super helpful for customers and guests to find you and learn about the area.

2 Ways to Embed a Google Maps Map

  1. Manually: You’ll copy and paste the code to your site. Don’t worry, it’s super easy.
  2. WordPress Plugin: This is a good option if you frequently add maps to your posts. You might consider the MapPress Easy Google Maps Plugin.

In this post, you’ll learn how to manually embed a map, include your business’ pin, and customize the size of the map.

How To Get Your Business Listed on Google Maps

First, you need to ensure that your business is listed on Google Maps. This gives you control of your business’ pin and listing (photos, logo, url, etc). Getting listed with Google My Business is necessary for local search optimization.

Here’s how to do it: Visit Google My Business and click “Get on Google”.

Enter your company name and address in the search box, to see if your business is listed. If it is, you’ll just need to claim it. If not, click “Add your business” and Google will create a Google+ page to manage your business information and photos.

To verify your business listing, Google will mail a postcard to your business address. If you are offered another verification method (phone, Webmaster Tools, or bulk verification), take it. The postcard option can take a couple of weeks.

Now with your business listed and verified, you’re ready to embed your map on your site.

How To Embed (and Customize) a Google Maps Map on Your Site

  1. Visit Google Maps and locate your business. Begin by clicking on your business name.
  2. Select Your Code: To get your embeddable code, select “Share.” You now have the option to “Share link” or Embed map”. Select “Embed map.”embed google maps
  3. Customize the size of the map: You have four options for map size (small 400 x 300, medium 600 x 450, large 800 x 600, and custom). Selecting “custom size” is great for having full control of the dimensions.embed google maps customize
  4. Copy and Paste: With the size determined, simply copy and paste the map code into the source code of your site. If you are using WordPress, this code can be pasted into a widget, page, post, sidebar or footer.

Remember: To ensure that your business’ pin displays on the map, you’ll need to 1) list your business with Google My Business, and 2) select the pin when choosing the embed code.

Tip: Before selecting your embed code, you can select between Map or Earth setting.

  • Earth Setting: This is a topographic, photographic map. It's great for giving context – things like streams, fields, large parking lots are very obvious.
  • Map Setting: This is a simpler, line art option that makes the roads and their names stand out.

Here are both versions of the map – all settings are identical except for the earth/map option. Both are clickable, scrollable, and zoomable.

Earth Map


Map Version


And that’s it! You should now have a functioning Google Maps map of your business on your site.

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