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What are your blog’s keywords? What? You haven’t chosen them yet? Choosing your keywords are critical to helping establish your search engine ranking from day one. In this post, you’ll learn how to sift through thousands of options and choose the best keywords for your blog. You’ll also learn about the SEO tools that will [...]

If you’ve chosen WordPress to run your blog, you’re going to need a theme. If you haven’t decided on WordPress, you should read this now.  Deciding on a theme is an important step in starting your blog. If you choose a good designer, you can save yourself a lot of time and have an amazing looking site. [...]

There are a ridiculous number of blogging platforms. Which one should you use?  In this post, I’ll break down: What is a blogging platform? The top 11 blogging platforms 5 reasons you must choose WordPress What is a Blogging Platform? A blogging platform is a CMS (content management system). It takes much of the manual work [...]

So you like to travel? The travel blogging industry is continually growing, with more and more people wanting to make traveling the world their full-time job. Travel blogging requires passion, hard work and determination. Do you have what it takes? Use this guide to get you started on making your dream a reality! In order [...]

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