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HTML coding is for developers, not bloggers, right? That’s true to a certain degree. The WordPress blogging platform makes it almost unnecessary to know HTML. Compared to years ago, I almost never use HTML. Back in the day, I used to hand-code my sites. Of course, it took forever and they didn’t look very good. [...]

Just having something to say isn’t enough. A great blog post must be properly formatted. It’s easier to read, gets shared more often and ranks better in search. In this post, you’ll learn about steps to formatting your post properly. Blog Formatting Cheat Sheet Detailed explanation with examples below. Title Lengths: Don’t use too many words [...]

Do you know what evergreen content is? It has become a common expression between bloggers and online marketers. And it plays a fundamental role in almost every successful blog. What is Evergreen Content? In the botany world, “evergreen” refers to a plant that has leaves in all four season, thus it is always green. The [...]

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