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If you’re like most bloggers, you have a solid set of quality content. And like many bloggers, probably no one is reading it. How can you get targeted website traffic? 15 Free Sources of Targeted Website Traffic Building blog traffic is a fundamental step to monetization. Without traffic, bloggers quickly lose their motivation. And the lack of targeted traffic will [...]

Content is king! So goes the blogger mantra. I recently stumbled across an article by Bill Gates, written back in 1996. The following has been republished from the Wayback Machine. It appears that the article is no longer on Microsoft’s site. Did Gates coin that phrase? Apparently not. A few years earlier (February 1994) Joseph J. Esposito [...]

Why I Write Granular (One Topic) Posts

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Do you write just one topic per post? Keeping posts granular is easier said than done. I first learned about the concept of writing granular posts in the book: ProBlogger (Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett). I read this book back before I had ever published a post, or even navigated WordPress. What is a Granular Blog Post? The concept [...]