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Curious about how to pay a PayPal invoice with a credit card? In this post, you’ll learn how to pay your PayPal invoice without a PayPal account. It is surprisingly simple. Let’s get started! Can You Use PayPal Without an Account? I’ve had a PayPal account for many years. It’s how we receive money that [...]

How to Embed a Google Maps Map on Your Blog

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Embedding a location map allows customers to find you and get directions. It’s also a great addition to travel blog posts. If you have multiple locations or destinations, embedding a dynamic map is super helpful for customers and guests to find you and learn about the area. 2 Ways to Embed a Google Maps Map Manually: You’ll [...]

How’s your grammar? Oh, is that a bit of a sensitive topic? While grammar issues might irritate us, no one wants their writing to be exposed to heartless criticism. As a blogger, you need to know the rules. Take the time to learn basic grammar and you’ll forever improve your writing. A book like The Little [...]

6 Reasons We Use AWeber for our Blog Newsletters

Blog Tools, Online Business

There are lots of reasons to publish a blog newsletter. And regardless of the age of your blog, the best time to start a newsletter is today. But then the question arises: What email tool should I use? There are no shortage of options: MailChimp, Constant Contact and Vertical Response. In my opinion, the answer is simple: [...]

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