Blogger Review Guidelines

We accept a limited number of relevant review products. See topics below.

Please contact us before sending any materials. Receipt of a product does not ensure a positive review, nor does a functioning affiliate program. Review products/access that are provided at no charge are always noted in reviews. Reviews are always honest and candid. Therefore, please ensure that you have a functioning, useful product before contacting me.

We are located in Nova Scotia, Canada. If it is an e-book, just email a copy. But if it is retail software that is sold with a dvd and user manual you need to ship it. This allows me to see it from a consumer perspective and evaluate it as such. We regularly receive shipments of review copies from companies such as Adobe, Nuance, Amacom and Wiley. Shipments are best sent via FedEx or DHL. Always contact us before sending anything.


Topics should fall within the following themes:

  • Productivity
  • Video / Photography
  • Travel
  • Making Money Online
  • Blogging / WordPress
  • Press Trips / Events

Items we have reviewed in the past:

Each item is considered on an individual basis. Please contact us with details of the offer before sending anything.

Contact Bryan and Dena


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