How To Choose Your Blog Hosting

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Buying a web hosting plan can be a hassle – until you know the basics. In this post, you’ll learn about: Why you need blog hosting 5 factors to consider choosing a blog host The three primary types of hosting – and which one you’ll likely need How to plan for future growth My first hosting [...]

Making money online is not nearly as complicated or difficult as it sounds. We’ve been doing business online for many years – here’s how we make a living online with our travel blog. What I’ll cover in the post: five specific ways we make money (complete with links to providers and real numbers) one way [...]

8 Steps To Determine Your Blog Niche

Creative Juice, Start Your Blog

As you begin your blog, one of the most important decisions you will make is not going to be about your domain name, hosting, theme, monetization or blogging frequency. First, you will need to determine: What is your blog about? “Well that’s easy,” you say, “it’s going to be about: travel, car repair, roofing, beauty or [...]

Who are Bryan & Dena Haines? What Are They Doing?

Lifestyle Design, Personal

Don’t worry: the title of this post will be the extent of the third-person speak you’ll hear on Blogger Abroad (except for a paragraph here and here – which are for search engines). This is the first post on BloggerAbroad – our brand new blog. My name is Bryan Haines and I’m a 34 year-old Canadian living [...]

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