Ready to begin using Amazon Associates to monetize your blog? Follow our guide to Amazon Associates (below) and you’ll learn how to generate revenue today. What’s the best way to make money with your blog? We monetize our blog in a number of ways. Our most passive income comes from affiliate marketing. Most bloggers start [...]

HTML coding is for developers, not bloggers, right? That’s true to a certain degree. The WordPress blogging platform makes it almost unnecessary to know HTML. Compared to years ago, I almost never use HTML. Back in the day, I used to hand-code my sites. Of course, it took forever and they didn’t look very good. [...]

Learn how to monetize a blog from eight online business owners. In this post, I interview 8 online business owners about how they make money with their blog. We’ve written about how we make money on our blogs. We also discussed the question: How much traffic is needed before monetizing Today we want to go [...]

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