How to Move a Site to a New Domain (Without a SEO Penalty) thumbnail

In this post, you'll learn how to easily move a complete site to a new domain. And without losing any traffic or getting a SEO penalty. After moving back to Canada in April, we needed to change our domain name. We couldn't rightly use the name BloggerAbroad, if we weren't abroad anymore. So earlier today [...]


What are your blog's keywords? What? You haven't chosen them yet? Choosing your keywords are critical to helping establish your search engine ranking from day one. In this post, you'll learn how to sift through thousands of options and choose the best keywords for your blog. You'll also learn about the SEO tools that will [...]

site speed

Is your site loading kinda slow? Although we have decent blog hosting (currently with LiquidWeb), some traffic peaks would cause the site to slow to a crawl. I ran some site speed tests and, sure enough, it didn't do so well. Of course, it could have been worse. But that isn't a very good target to [...]

Project GoPro Book Review: GoPro Tips and Tricks thumbnail

If you're like me, you bought your GoPro to create amazing footage like they show in their videos. Video like this: Watch on YouTube How hard can it be? Strap a camera to your head, car, surfboard, or pet lion and create hours of viral videos, right? It isn't quite as easy as it looks. For [...]

amazon associates guide

Ready to begin using Amazon Associates to monetize your blog? Follow our guide to Amazon Associates (below) and you'll learn how to generate revenue today. What's the best way to make money with your blog? We monetize our blog in a number of ways. Our most passive income comes from affiliate marketing. Most bloggers start [...]

HTML Cheat Sheet: 19 Essential Tags for Non-Techie Bloggers thumbnail

HTML coding is for developers, not bloggers, right? That's true to a certain degree. The WordPress blogging platform makes it almost unnecessary to know HTML. Compared to years ago, I almost never use HTML. Back in the day, I used to hand-code my sites. Of course, it took forever and they didn't look very good. [...]

monetize a blog

Learn how to monetize a blog from eight online business owners. In this post, I interview 8 online business owners about how they make money with their blog. We've written about how we make money on our blogs. We also discussed the question: How much traffic is needed before monetizing Today we want to go [...]

waterproof speaker

I'm a pretty avid reader. And I love book lists. Here's why: There are just too many business (and personal development) books to waste time buying + hoping that a new title will be any good. I put a lot of weight in recommendations and reviews. I love Amazon reviews - their crowd-sourced rating system [...]

Who is Bryan Haines?

I'm Bryan Haines, a Canadian blogger. I write about how to generate passive income with your online business while traveling or living abroad.

If this is your first visit, start here. If you are planning a trip or move abroad (but aren't filthy rich) you're in the right place. On Blogger Abroad, I provide the resources and motivation needed to start and grow a successful online business. - Bryan Haines

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